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Just some thoughts.

Just some thoughts.

You Are in Charge


One question I keep asking myself repeatedly the moment I started my career as a designer is "am I good enough to be my own boss?". Chances are, I'll probably never feel ready or think that I'm good enough to take on all the challenges that come my way, because there is always someone that seems to have all the fresh ideas and make you say "how come I didn't think of that"? Through my past experience, I realized that there is no one cookie-cutting shortcut to make me "the next great designer", I believe that all the late nights and efforts I put into polishing that one detail in a design can only push me to be a better version of myself. Therefore, I might as well just put myself out there and start taking on all the challenges and making a unique form for my own brand.

So the journey begins. Most people don't realize that being a freelancer basically means you're a project manager, an account director, a creative director, a designer, and an accountant at the same time. Through some extensive research, I found the Toptal Freelance UI Designers Network, an exclusive platform for companies and brands to collaborate with top freelancers. It's unique comparing to other freelance platforms because of it's exclusiveness.

Being part of the Toptal network would mean that I'll have more exposure to different types of challenges which will not only benefit me as a designer and art director, but also Toptal's and my clients. Passion is crucial, but persistence often times plays a larger role when it comes to how one defines success. Being a freelancer in this community will enable me to constantly produce work that can best represent my clients and myself, but most importantly, build strong relationships with clients and other creative individuals: one of the things that makes me love what I do! My inspiration comes from communicating and collaborating with other people, sometimes, even through respectful and tactical confrontations. I believe that the Toptal Freelance UI Designers Network will be a great platform to launch my freelance career, and I'm extremely excited about the potential opportunities that will be provided through the network.

Everyday, we face different decisions to make. To me, there is no such thing as "bad decisions". Different decisions lead to different paths, and we can always learn something from even the worst case scenario. Whenever I second guess the decisions I made, I just tell myself "you're in charge"! This is why I believe that Toptal can provide me the opportunities to be in charge of my professional life, and my commitment can also be a great asset to the community! 

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