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Having worked with traditional and digital agencies as well as clients across the globe gives me the ability to approach each problem from a cultural, emotional and commercial perspective.

I have provided my creative support to Ford Motor Company's online shopping and buying experience Ready. Shop. Go from start to finish. Some of the other clients I worked with include: Mars, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, and Formica. Furthermore, I collaborated with creative teams in the U.K. and online brands from China on b2b projects for clients like Mower's Imports Limited and Inc.

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Art Director | Curu Credit


Designer | Rockfish Digital 2015-2017

Clients: Ford Motor Company, Mars, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Fidelity

Designer | Northlich 2014-2015

Clients: Formica Corporation, Ohio Lottery Commission

Creative Director | Highwire Brand Studio 2013

Client: Mowers Imports Limited

UX Designer | 2012



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