Austin Li
Designer//Creative Director


These are from some lovely and talented people that I worked with.

Austin is the ideal. He puts 110% in regardless of the project at hand. Wether I requested a quick sketch, a concept or a finalized comp, he delivered with heart & beyond expectations. Great thinker, great designer, loved having him on my team.
— Rosie McGuire | Group Creative Director at Rockfish
... Austin has shown dedication and excellence to the company. In the years he worked here he came across as professionally competent and a friendly and caring co-worker. His hard work and good attitude enabled him to be a valuable asset to Rockfish.
— Bellkiss Abril-Roman | Associate Creative Director at Rockfish
Austin is extremely talented and forward thinking. His eye for design and handcrafting is amazing. Austin has the ability to take an idea and explore it visually in multiple mediums. His enthusiasm, passion and work ethic make him a great asset to any team.
— Laura Gels | Associate Creative Director at Northlich


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